After in my dear Germany
I´ve toiled so long in vain
I´m going to America
Where they´ve chased me away.

That is the republic with greatest freedom
For fraud, robbery and murder;
And every born scoundrel so far
Has become a cabinet minister.

So I Suppose for an honest man
There is also a place;
and the ordinary people .who govern there
are also striving for progress.

It won‘t be as it is here at home
When speech and press are forbidden,
there you can tell all you wish,
as long as it‘s only fictional stories.

They say the born Americans
are very fine people indeed.
they say there statesmen are really great,
Although, all in all. not quite right in the head.

This latter fault does after all
not really mean very much,
for in order to win all you need to do
is to beat your opponents hide.

They say that in free America
Justice is in full bloom;
what a pity that it’s administerd
always only by the money bags

They say the Constitution. was made
according to concepts of ..justice
and since it‘s he best of all,
has been thought up by the biggest of swindlers.

All right, I am going and very soon
I shall be in New York
and shall to the free people there
proclaim some blessed freedom

Quelle: Amerikanische Arbeiterzeitung, 5. Juni, 1886

Liederzeit: vor 1886 : Zeitraum: